The Cattle Improvement Company

Breeding businesses must stay on top of their game to succeed. This means staying up-to-date on genetic trends and technology updates. We help those in the cattle industry stay ahead of the curve and at max production.


Who Are We?

Maxximik is a company that promotes and improves dairy herd genetics globally. Over the last four years, the company has focused on significantly enhancing dairy cow genetics with professional management and a support system that enables the cows to realize their production potential. The impact Maxximik has had on the dairy industry has led the company to expand its brand and offer MaxxiBeef and MaxxiGenetics to support different sectors such as show and beef cattle.


The Technology We Utilize


At Maxximilk, we are on the cutting edge of agricultural science. With technologies such as embryo cryopreservation, embryo sexing, and embryo transfer we are constantly striving to improve the cattle industry in the U.S. and the world at large.